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Let's Scale Up Acceleration Program has started

Let's Scale Up Acceleration Program, prepared in cooperation with JCI Avrasya and Gain Global, started with Kick Off Day on Saturday, July 17th.

8 startups from 5 different countries have been accepted to the program, and a total of 18 mentors & trainers from different countries participate. During the 10-week Let's Scale Up Acceleration Program, start-ups will be supported by training and mentoring activities in order to increase their sustainability in international markets, while at the same time, they will continue to get to know the entrepreneurial ecosystem and each other closely through networking events that will continue throughout the program.

Eurasia Startup Summit

In the last week of the program, the Eurasia Startup Summit, which will take place on September 17-19, 2021, will enable startups, mentors and investors to come together in a physical environment and introduce themselves. Eurasia Startup Summit will be held in Bodrum under the sponsorship of Armonia Holliday Village & Spa Hotel.

We would like to thank all our supporters and sponsors.



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