Mehmet Serdar Şakır.png

Mehmet Serdar Şakır

Digital Advertising & Photography

He works on photography. In addition to product and food photography, he is an expert in many areas such as digital advertising, photoshop, video editing, creating posts for your social media accounts, advertising for social media, social media management.

Duygu Şakır.png

Duygu Şakır

Social Media Management & Design

She works as a freelancer in digital advertising and photography. She is an expert in social media management, social media account setup, content management for social media. She is doing professional product photography.

Şebnem Karakuş

Şebnem Karakuş

Translator and Interpreter & English Teacher

She gives private lessons in English. She works as a written and verbal translator and interpreter. She also voiced for "Sesli Menu", one of the start-ups on the portal.